Sabtu, 26 Februari 2011

family come first...:-)  family....everybody have family, I also have too.I have a very big family. If i tell the number of my family,you will shock because nowadays we rarely heard that the huge number of siblings. In my family have one n the only lovely mummy n one n the only very responsiblility daddy. My mom is a housewife n my dad is a retired teacher. I have 13 siblings,7 sons n 6 daughter. I'm the 11 daughter in the family. we also can be a football team because most of my sibling fanatic with the English Premier League.We have Manchester United fans,Chelsea fans,Arsenal fans and  Liverpool fans.When they have match each other club,my house like a mini stadium for them....;-)it made my house happening.

Besides that, I feel that i'm very lucky person because I he have a best chef in the world,my mother.She is very good cooker because all the dishes she cook not dissappointed n we can eat with full of love.My next door neighbour also addict with the dishes cook by my mom likes soto,sambal tumis n rendang itik.My father is the best dadady in the world because he is very sporting n always give us advise to successful in our study,life n work.The best advise that my father give it to me n i used it untill now is "to be a successful person,you must have a top strength of physical n mental  n a  lot of patience" .

This is my family pictures during Hari Raya in 2009.

not all my siblings have in this picture.....

Although my siblings always busy with  their  own carier but they didn't  forgot to spend time together by went to vacation. Last year,we went to Pangkor Island n Kedah Darul Aman. Thats was the best vacation because we went to Anak Bukit Palace,Pekan Rabu,paddy field n others.Thats was my first time saw the original paddy n the paddy field was very awsome n beautiful scenery.

at the paddy field

at the Pangkor Island

at the Pangkor Island..

this stone like a whale...

can u think the image of the stone????

at the Anak Bukit Palace...

These is the some photo I can share with you guys.It was interesting memories.If we didn't went to vacation,we also went to 'Medan Ikan Bakar' to have a bigger dinner or made a barbeque at our house.We almost made barbeque because it made us to be more closed each other n  shared our experienced n ideas in the same time.

bon appetite...

yummy..yummy...yummy king...

 As the one'z conclusion, what doesn't matter,how busy us,n how big problems we have,family must not to forget but they must be the first n the top in our heart  because without their support,help and advises we are nothing person today.

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