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3 iDiOts.............:-)

AaL IzZ  weLL meaning all things is gonna be alright is the tagline for the film entitled 3 idiots.I had watched this film at channel astro fiesta last year.Before this i'm not an interested in bollywood film,but when i watched this film for the first time,i feel that this is the best film i ever watched.My brother also like this film untill his bought a DVD to watched it.

actors n the actress for film 3 idiots....

This film is about a person name Ranchonddas Shymaldas Chanchad (Rancho),Farhan Qureshi(Farhan) and Raju Rastogi (Raju)who was entered at  the Imperial College of Engineering,one of the best college in India.Raju and Farhan are average student from modest family backgrounds,and Ranchos is from the rich family.

Farhan truely not interested to being an engineer but more interest to wildlife photographer,but to fulfill his father wish to make him  be an engineer he didn't brave to told the truth.Raju in the other hand wants to uplift his family life.Rancho the wealthy genius who study for the sheer joy of it.
from left: Raju,Ranchos and Farhan

Rancho who is the genius student  and passion about knowledge and taking apart and building machines rather than the conventional obsession of the other students with exam ranks.With his different approach Rancho incurs the wrath of dean of college, Professor.Viru Sahasrabuddhe (ViruS). Ranchos irritate Professor ViruS lecture by give an unorthodox n creative question n always confronts ViruS after one of the student imperial college hangs at the dormitory room,Jojo Lobo.

Professor Viru Sahasrabuddhe ( Prof.ViruS)

With the Rancho's talent n free spirit, Virus label him an "idiot" and make a plan to destroy his friendship with Raju n Farhan.He also warning them to stare away from Rancho.Besides that,Rancho's also dislike ViruS  model student Chatur Ramalingam or "Silencer" .


Rancho also make his friends happy with their life n study and not bother the ViruS rule and warning.Among them,Raju most worried if he will kick out from the college because he is very poor n his dad was illness.He is the one n only hope for his family.So he stare away from Rancho.Rancho feel that Raju don't need to stare away from him because he love their friendship n planned with Farhan to make Raju come back to them.
One day,Raju mother call Rancho n tell her husband sickness is critical n suddenly Rancho with accompany with Dr.Pia who is ViruS daughter visit Raju house.


Started from that day,Raju joined n back to them because Rancho's safe his father life.In the other hand,Pia sister want to labour,but with the storm cuts all power n traffic n Pia still in the hospital, so she  instructs Rancho to deliver baby.When ViruS saw it,he was suprised that Rancho can do it.He started likes that boy n di not angry with him anymore.Rancho n his friend can graduated with honour class.

Graduation day..:-)

After the graduation day,Raju,Farhan n Dr.Pia didn't met Rancho anymore.From their information,Ranchonddas Shymaldas Chanchand is not the real name for Rancho.They was shocked n try to find him.When their informer told that Rancho now live in Ladakh,they dire to that place.When they arrived,they saw an enthusiastic Ladakhi children who is motivated by love knowledge.When they met Rancho,they ask for his real name n he told that his real name is Phunsukh Wangdu who is the famous n successful scientist in the world. 

Dr.Pia scooter....

That is the some of the synopsis for this film.From this film,as one'Z conclusion that the friendship is the best thing which is always happen in our life.If i got a friend like Rancho i think that i will be the happier friend in the world. T he film also teach us that don't  be a selfish person with each other.In this film also show that we can not force a person to be what we want but follow their heart to be what they want as long they happy n joy with it.Thats why i like this film very much <3

AaL iZZ wELL!!!!!!!!!!!

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